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The Flood

The Flood was commissioned by Music Society Maris Sonores from Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands, on the occasion of its 55th anniversary. In this colourful composition, the name of the society has been inventively woven into the music – Maris Sonores meaning sounds of the sea – by means of key clicks in the flutes and clarinets, wind effects in various brass and woodwind instruments along with timpani, as well as sound effects in the small percussion. In addition, the history of the town is also reflected musically.

the_flood (CB).jpeg
the_flood (FB).jpeg

Many centuries ago, around the year 800, a hamlet by the name of Bidningahusum already existed; unfortunately, it fell victim to the water of the then Zuiderzee. Later, the catastrophic flood of 1170 dealt the final blow. In the 1960s, there was a call for pioneers to once more build a town carrying the name Biddinghuizen in the polder of Eastern Flevoland – and so it happened. This versatile work, which is available for concert band as well as fanfare band, has been written in such a way that many bands will be able to play it. Each instrument group comes out well, so that The Flood will be a joy for players and listeners alike.

Here you can find the interview about 'The Flood' in response to the 'VLOF 2024'.

Concert Band:

Fanfare Band:

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