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(professor composition at "The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts"), Mr. Stefano Gervasoni (professor composition at "Le Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris"), Mr. Gian Paolo Luppi (professor composition at the "Conservatorio Giovan Battista Martini in Bologna"), Mr. Claude Ledoux (professor composition at "L'École Supérieure des Arts, Conservatoire de Mons") and Mr. Sergio Lanza (professor at the “Conservatorio G.Verdi in Milan”).


Filip Ceunen was born in Hasselt, Belgium, on the 2nd of september 1983.

He began his musical studies at the age of 8 at the Municipal Academy for Music in Beringen (Belgium).


He continued studying at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven where he achieved a ‘first prize’ solfege and harmony. Afterwards he accomplished his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he studied composition with Mr. Jan Van Landeghem. Here he achieved the degree of ‘Master in Arts’ (composition) with 'first prizes' for solfege, harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition.



Filip also followed several 'Masterclasses' composition with i.a. Mr. Jan Van Landeghem (professor composition at the “Royal Conservatory of Brussels"), Mr. Clarence Mac Wai Chu



- 21/11/2015: Winner of the 'Family Van Riet - Award' (composition contest) with 'The Story of King Arthur' (read more).

- 20/12/2023: Winner of the Vlamo Composition contest with 'A Dragon's Tale' (read more).



He teaches music theory, harmony and composition at the 'Arts Academy' of Genk (B), at the 'Music Academy' of Diest (B) and at the high school of Arts 'MUSART!' of Hasselt (B).


In addition, Filip is also active as a trombone player. He studied with Mr. Jan Nicolaers en Mr. Jan Smets.


He also participated in a 'Masterclass' trombone with Mr. Joseph Alessi (professor trombone at the 'Faculty of The Juilliard School' in New York and Principal trombone of the 'New York Philharmonic') and with Mr. Weston Sprott (Principal trombone of the ‘MET-Orchestra’).


Besides being a composer, Filip is also conducting the 'GGO - Groot Genker Orkest' (Genk - B).

He took part at several webinars about composing with Mr. Otto M. Schwarz and Mr. Steve Willaert, about conducting with Mr. Frenk Rouschop, Mr. Jan Cober, Mr. Tijmen Botma, Mr. Joop Boerstoel and about conducting and composing with Maestro Dirk Brossé & Mr. Jan Van der Roost.

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