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Oz: the Green Wizard

'Oz: the Green Wizard' is a programmatic concert work that describes the story of The Wizard of Oz in 6 continuous movements. The first part, 'The Cyclone', expresses the whirlwind that lifts up and drags Dorothy's house. Both the thunder of the house and the turbulence of the wind are clearly audible in this part.

'The Journey to the Great Oz' describes Dorothy's long journey to the Land of Oz. Her journey begins quietly, but soon she faces many adventures and dangers that cross her path. In this second part you can hear how more and more travel companions join Dorothy to continue her journey to Oz.

Oz-the Green Wizard.jpg

Part 3, 'The Guardian of the Gate', is a short, majestic and solemn part and opens the gates to the next part, 'Oz the Terrible'. After a mysterious beginning, this movement is followed by an orchestral crescendo and a great tempo acceleration to reflect the dark character of Oz.

The fifth movement, 'The Good Witch of the South' is quiet and melodic and reflects the good character of Glinda, the witch who helps the travelling companion back home.

'Back home' is the sixth and final part of this work. Various themes from the piece are brought to the fore one last time.

The thread through this composition is formed by a rising or falling sequence of 3 consecutive notes. This line returns, varying or not, in each theme. 'Oz: the Green Wizard' is an ideal concert or contest work in which all groups of the orchestra are extensively featured.

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